Entrepreneurship is hard and the personal development tool that's bringing up all your limiting beliefs.

You have created a business using copy and paste strategies that are not aligned with your true self AND  has messed with your coin!

And this is leaving you👇🏾

❌ Working more hours than you ever thought you would 

❌ Procrastinating and trying to make everything perfect (when you KNOW, nothing a human does is perfect)

❌ Live launching, taking sales calls and doing all the things everyone told you to do with inconsistent sales

The reality is you have create a nightmare of a job for yourself that was prescribed by what works for someone else😩...

Hi, I'm Dr. Naieema a 5/2 splenic projector, and I will help you create and scale a wildly profitable online service business that is based on your design...your HUMAN DESIGN!

I am the CEO of The Determined FemPreneur, LLC, a multi-six figure coaching and consulting brand where I work just 12 hours a week. 

I didn't build this business with the copy and paste strategies other coaches give!

I built it by getting to know myself and building my business around my human design.

Let me show you how to become a wealthy chick by your human design!

Join one of the mini-courses or work with me one-on-one. 

It's up to you👇🏾!

Available Products

Offers By Design

If you're ready to build delicious offers clients are READY to buy, you're in the right place! In this course, you'll uncover:

1. Which offer types are best for you based on your human design (e.g. digital products, VIP Days, groups, one-on-one, etc.)

2. The length of offers that work best for you based on your human design type

3. To create an offer that provides massive client transformation without giving all of your time

Messaging By Design

The right messaging leads a flow of your dream clients consistently. In this course, you will discover:

1. Why changing your messaging over and over again leads to inconsistent leads and sales.

2. How to use your Human Design type to guide you on how to speak with power directly to your dream clients so you can generate the right leads.

3. How to tap into your clients deepest desires to call in your dream clients EVERYDAY!

Sales By Your Human Design

Tired of having inconsistent sales, while working harder than you ever have? In this course, you'll discover:

1. Learn the 5 questions you must ask yourself based on your human design about your sales.

2. Learn how to become the most magnetic to make more sales with ease.

3. Determine what sales strategies are best for you based on your human design (sales calls, funnels, launching, etc.)

Monetize Social By Design

Having a hard time with attracting consistent leads on social media no matter how much you post?

In this course, you'll discover:

1. Learn How to Leverage Your Human Design Type For Captions and Headlines That Convert

2. Learn How to Grow Organically Without the Need for Ads on Social Media

3. Learn how to use your Human Design Centers for Your Content Strategy.

Wealthy Chick By Design Program Bundle

Wealthy Chick By Design Program Bundle gives you all the tools to monetize social, generate leads, call in your dream clients and make sales by YOUR Human Design! The four courses, YOU GET LIFETIME ACCESS TO, that are included in this bundle are:

1. Sales by Your Human Design

2. Messaging By Design

3. Offers by Design

4. Monetize Social By Design

The BONUSES Included in this Bundle Are:

1. Wealthy Chick Mindset Ebook

2. Manifestation By Your Human Design Ebook

3. Personalized Human Design Ebook

4. Member Only FB Group

My Products Available Products
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