Determined FemPreneur™ Six Figure ACCELERATOR

Determined FemPreneur™ Six Figure ACCELERATOR

I am Dr. Naieema, PhD-prepared registered nurse and your business coach.

After only 4 months in business, I was able to make my first 10k month and leave my full-time job.  

If you are a coach ready to get to 10-20k months, this is for you!

You will be taken through my signature, Determined FemPreneur™ System:

Phase 1: Clarity so that you can target the right client to set the foundation for your sales and marketing

Phase 2: Service Development so that you know what to offer and how to price it 

Phase 3: Systems Selection and Automation for a lasting and profitable business

Phase 4: Sale and Marketing Strategies so you can make that money honey


"Naieema is the!!! I was afraid to leave my job but I knew I wanted out! So, I finally started working with her because I was tired of missing time with my family. The problem? I couldn't figure out what to do to start my business. Since finding her, I have been able to find my niche. Naieema will get you all the way together." ~Charlene B

Here's What We Will Do Together:

  • Create your signature framework and coaching offer
  • Launch your offer to prospects ready to buy
  • Organic sales and marketing strategies
  • Track and monitor key performance indicators for a lasting business
  • Master selling via phone and one to many.


"I was tired of trying everything but not being able to get clients. I ran ads, I posted on social media and nothing worked. Honestly, I was about to give up and then I met Naieema. Everything I didn't know I needed to make money in my business, she has.  I was able to close my first 10k client! Working with her has been one of the best decisions I've made. ~Julie R.

Here's What Included:

  • Accountability coaching
  • Weekly group coaching sessions/Q&A
  • Templates for sales, marketing, client contracts and more!
  • Sales scripts 
  • Templates for client agreements
  • Private membership site.
  • Private FB community.

If you have one hour a day, we can teach you how to make consistent 10-20k months in your business!


"I spent so much time trying to figure out the tech (website, landing page, etc) that I wasn't making any real money. Now, I feel strong, confident, and eager to move on with the next phase of my my life because of Naieema and her team. I am helping other single moms find balance in their lives on my own terms and making money doing it. I feel free! Thank you Naieema!" ~Lekia H.

 Here's Who Should Join:

  • A women ready to transition into being a service-based business owner (coach, consultant, course creator).
  • A service-based business owner struggling to make a profit in their business.
  • You want to sale digital products and courses.
  • You are motivated to get things done.
  • You are coachable.
  • You value social justice for ALL!

Are you ready for this to be you? You have two options:


You can keep throwing things at the wall, trying to get clients, and endlessly scrolling wondering why you are still in the same place you were in a year ago in your coaching/consulting business and not get any support or mentorship. (How has that been working? Not well, right?)

OPTION 2: Determined FemPreneur + REACH YOUR GOALS!

You can get the exact step by system and strategy myself and dozens of online coaches have used to build wildly successful  coaching businesses on evergreen. Be prepared to throw away what you've been taught!


27 Modules

Determined FemPreneur New Client Questionnaire

%FIRSTNAME%, this questionnaire gives us an opportunity to know you and to allow us to see what's working and what's not working.

Group Meeting Calendar

%FIRSTNAME%, here is the calendar with group coaching meetings and zoom links.

Critique Portal

%FIRSTNAME%, Submit document and links that need critiquing. Critiques will be offered during weekly strategy session.

Question Submission for Strategy Session

Instructions: You can use this form to submit your question(s) for this week's live call! Questions should be submitted that week by Tuesday at 9am EST.

- Please submit one question at a time.

- If you have more than one question, you will need to submit this form twice.

- MAX TWO QUESTIONS PER WEEK. All other questions can get addressed in the FB group.

- If you don't submit a question, we may not be able to get to yours.

Thank you. #TeamDetermined🧡

Schedule Your Milestone Calls

For those beginning February 1st, 2021 and later!

%FIRSTNAME%, please schedule your milestone call when you reach one of the following milestones:

1. Hit a total of $10k while in the program

2. Held your first one to many event (webinar, launch in group, etc.)

3. Ran ads to fill your second one to many event

Recommended Resources

Come here for some good recommendations on podcasts, bookkeeping services, and more!

High Ticket Offer and Messaging

%FIRSTNAME%, it's time to build your high ticket offer and ensure that you're not selling bullet points!

Just a REMINDER To Remember your WHY!

%FIRSTNAME%, is the time to remember your why. This is a powerful reminder of that.

Client Onboarding

%FIRSTNAME%, it's time to automate and systematize the process, so that your clients feel welcomed and your retention rates remain high!

Sales Pipeline

Hey Queen! It's time for you to build 2-4 sales pipelines to focus on for the next 6-12 months to scale to multi-six figures.

Evergreen Model

Many business don't like to launch or it's not appropriate for the business model. Therefore, it is so important to have an evergreen process so that you can make a dollar and a difference.

Quarterly Planning


%FIRSTNAME%, starting on Feb 2021, this is where you'll have access to the monthly masterclasses.

These masterclasses are intended to help you continue to scale to multiple six figures and to ensure that you're embodying working 5 hours a day or less.

Podcasting as a Tool for Visibility

Modules for this product 27
I'm Ready for 10k Months!

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