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The Determined FemPreneur Mastermind

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Hey Queen! 

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Critique Portal

%FIRSTNAME%, Submit assets that need critiquing. Pre-recorded critiques will be emailed weekly by Thursday at 5pm EST.

Assets must be submitted by Tuesday @ 9 am EST to be reviewed the same week.

Question Submission for Strategy Session

Instructions: You can use this form to submit your question(s) for this week's live call! Questions should be submitted that week by Tuesday at 9am EST.

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Pre-Work is Completed...Now What?

SLAY Offer Suite & Pricing™

%FIRSTNAME%, it's time to build your high ticket offer and ensure that you're not selling bullet points!

Sales Pipeline

Hey Queen! It's time for you to build 2-4 sales pipelines to focus on for the next 6-12 months to scale to multi-six figures.

Launching Vs. Evergreen...Decision, Decisions!

Launching Using Virtual Live Events

%FIRSTNAME%, you're now entering into the launch and get shit done phase of the program. It's time to make a few decisions:

  • Are you going to launch or go evergreen?
  • If you're launching, which type of lauch will you do?
  • Will you eventually do a combo of launching and evergreen

Are you ready to truly add value and get paid to fill your program? If you answered yes, this launch method is for you!

Having a live virtual event is an extended webinar that is done live and you charge $29-$49 to attend. You pitch for a sales call at the end.

Click here for a great resource to determine if your headline is engaging enough! 

Launching Using FB Groups

This can be anywhere between 5-9 days. I've given you a 9 day option BUT I recommend:

  • 3 days teaching
  • 1 day client testimonial panel; if you don't have previous clients have a day of your story or of you show casing your expertise (e.g. laser coaching sessions)
  • Culminate with an invite only masterclass on day 5 where you pitch!

Click here for a great resource to determine if your headline is engaging enough! 

Evergreen Model

Many business don't like to launch or it's not appropriate for the business model. Therefore, it is so important to have an evergreen process so that you can make a dollar and a difference.

Productivity and Developing Your CEO Schedule

Hey Queen!

The next 8 weeks is all about:

  • Launch prep and planning
  • KPI monitoring
  • Fine tuning of your assets
  • Mastering high ticket sales
  • Visibility and marketing plan
  • Weekly coaching calls and critiques
  • Private FB Community

In this course, you'll learn more about what it takes to be productive in your business and function as the CEO/visionary.

Quarterly Planning

Just a REMINDER To Remember Your WHY!

%FIRSTNAME%, is the time to remember your why. This is a powerful reminder of that.

Don't give up!

You've got it and we are here to support you!

It's Time To Hire, Sis!

%FIRSTNAME%, it's time to hire! Start with a VA and work your way from there.

You may not have the funds and capacity to hire anyone else but the VA at this point....that's ok!

Client Onboarding

%FIRSTNAME%, it's time to automate and systematize the process, so that your clients feel welcomed and your retention rates remain high!

Visibility Planning

Whether you have an online business or not, visibility and awareness is KING! Having a strategic social media and podcast presence is pivotal in the growth of your business. In this course, you'll learn how to strategically leverage social media for the growth of your business. 

You'll be getting more on leveraging other types of events, pitching the media, strategic networking and speaking engagements in phase 4.

PR & Media Course

Ready to have more visibility for your brand? Well PR and Media is an excellent way to ensure that this happens. Listen is as Arthia Nixon, tell you all about how to do this. Arthia can be found by clicking here.

Podcasting as a Tool for Visibility

Speaking for Visibility

In this course, you'll learn why you need to add speaking to your business visibility plan and how to do it with ease!

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