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Human Design Definition

Welcome to a transformative course designed to provide a deep understanding and mastery of your unique Human Design definition. Your definition is a fundamental aspect of your energetic blueprint, shaping how you process and express energies, thoughts, and emotions.

Human Design Type and Strategy

A transformative course designed to guide you in unraveling the mysteries of your unique Human Design type & strategy. Your Human Design type and strategy are the fundamental aspects of your energetic blueprint, offering profound insights into your authentic self, how you interact with the world, and your potential for growth and fulfillment.

Human Design Authority

Welcome to an empowering and comprehensive course focused on helping you understand and harness your unique Human Design authority. Your authority is a powerful guiding force within you, aiding in making aligned decisions that resonate with your true self and life purpose.

Manifest By Design

An immersive and transformative course that combines the wisdom of Human Design with the art of manifestation. This course is designed to guide you in understanding and utilizing your unique Human Design to manifest your dreams and potential with purpose and precision.

Human Design Profiles

In this course, you will unravel the mysteries of your Human Design Profile, empowering you to fully understand and embrace your authentic self. Through in-depth exploration, practical exercises, and personalized guidance, you'll uncover the nuances of your Profile and integrate this knowledge to live a purpose-driven life in alignment with your true essence.

Human Design Defined Centers

A dynamic and empowering course designed to help you harness the energy and power inherent in your defined Human Design centers. Understanding and embracing the defined centers within your Human Design chart is key to unlocking your unique abilities, strengths, and purpose in life.

Human Design Open/Undefined Centers

An enlightening and transformative course designed to guide you in understanding and embracing your unique Human Design through the lens of open centers. Within the Human Design chart, there are nine energy centers, each representing distinct aspects of our lives and personalities. Some individuals have open centers, meaning these centers are undefined and absorb energies from others, influencing their experiences and interactions.

Human Design 64 Gates Ebook

Dive into the transformative world of Human Design with this comprehensive ebook exploring ALL 64 gates, revealing their highest peaks and deepest valleys. Uncover the elevated expressions that empower individuals, providing insights into maximizing strengths and embracing authenticity. Simultaneously, navigate the shadows where each gate's potential pitfalls reside, offering a guide to overcome challenges and pitfalls in the journey to self-discovery and fulfillment.

Healing Your Primary Genetic Trauma With Human Design

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing with our groundbreaking course, 'Genetic Trauma Liberation through Human Design.' Uncover the unique blueprint of your genetic makeup using Human Design principles, guiding you to identify and understand your primary genetic trauma. This course goes beyond traditional approaches, offering a profound exploration into the intersection of genetics and personal growth.

Learn how your individual Human Design chart unveils the imprints of ancestral experiences, shaping your behaviors, beliefs, and patterns. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, discover practical tools and insights to not only recognize your primary genetic trauma but also to embark on a powerful healing journey.

Embody Your Design Course Bundle


Unapologetic Authenticity™ Level 1 & 2 Human Design Reader Certification

A transformative journey that enables you to navigate through self-discovery and basic human design chart analysis!

Unapologetic Authenticity™ Level 3 Human Design Reader Certification

Buckle up for a self-paced adventure! We're diving deep into advanced Human Design chart analysis and serving up some serious realness in relationship Human Design analysis. Your journey, your pace – let's make those charts pop at your own rhythm!

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