Human Design & Astrology for Self-Discovery

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery is an act of radical self-love and empowerment.

It requires courage to confront the shadows of our past, the complexities of our present, and the possibilities of our future. Through personalized astrology and human design readings, a transformative courses, and a nurturing community, I offer womxn the tools and support they need to navigate this journey with grace and resilience. Join me as we journey together to reclaim our power, honor our truth, and manifest our highest destiny.

Available Courses

Unapologetic Authenticity™ Level 1 & 2 Human Design Reader Certification

A transformative journey that enables you to navigate through self-discovery and basic human design chart analysis! 

Program Breakdown:

  • Human Design Fundamentals: Explore the intricacies of Human Design, understand Energy Type Identification, and learn the essential skill of pulling Human Design charts.
  • 5 Energy Types, Strategy, Aura, Signature, Not-Self Theme: Delve into the core elements, including the 5 Energy Types, Strategy, Aura, Signature, and Not-Self Theme, gaining a profound understanding of their impact on personal design.
  • 7 Authority Types and the 5 Definitions: Discover the nuances of the 7 Authority Types and the 5 Definitions, empowering yourself to interpret and guide individuals based on their unique design.
  • Lines & Profiles: Grasp the significance of Lines & Profiles, acquiring the expertise to connect your clients life purpose to their profiles.
  • 9 Undefined, Defined, and Open Centers: Uncover the intricacies of 9 Undefined, Defined, and Open Centers, gaining insights into how they shape individual experiences and interactions.
  • 64 Gates: Navigate the 64 Gates, unraveling the unique energies associated with each gate and their profound implications on Human Design
  • 36 Channels: Explore the 36 Channels, understanding their interplay and the dynamic flow of energies that shape the intricacies of Human Design.


  • Alignment in Business By Design Course
  • Sales By Your Human Design Course
  • Manifest by Design Course
  • Personalized journal prompts to further embody your design
  • Download of slides for each of the lectures

Unapologetic Authenticity™ Level 3 Human Design Reader Certification

Buckle up for a self-paced adventure! We're diving deep into advanced Human Design chart analysis and serving up some serious realness in relationship Human Design analysis. Your journey, your pace – let's make those charts pop at your own rhythm! Includes:

  • Relationship Analysis:
    Navigate the cosmic dance of relationships as you dissect Human Design dynamics, gaining insights into the profound connections between charts.
  • Primary Genetic Trauma:
    Confront and heal your Primary Genetic Trauma, understanding its impact on your life journey through the lens of Human Design.
  • Digestion & Design Sense:
    Uncover the keys to optimal well-being by aligning your lifestyle choices with the unique requirements of your Digestion and Design Sense.
  • Variables and the 4 Arrows:
    Decode the nuances of Variables and the 4 Arrows, gaining a deeper understanding of the layers influencing your Human Design chart.
  • Environment & Environmental Tones:
    Explore the interactive dance between your inner world and external surroundings, discovering how Environmental Tones shape your Human Design experience.
  • Perspectives, Distractions, Trajectory & Perspective Tones:
    Navigate the realms of perspectives, distractions, and trajectory, unraveling the tapestry of your life through the lens of Perspective Tones.
  • Motivation, Transference, Trajectory & Motivational Tones:
    Gain profound insights into your inner drive and motivations, understanding how Transference and Motivational Tones shape your unique trajectory in life.
  • Advanced Circuitry:
    Delve into the sophisticated networks of your Human Design chart, decoding the intricate circuitry that shapes your authentic self-expression.
  • Incarnation Cross:
    Explore the profound significance of your Incarnation Cross, unraveling the cosmic story woven into the fabric of your being


  • Purchase to Schedule Funnel Course
  • Monetize Social By Design Course
  • Planetary Gates Masterclass
  • Personalized Journal Prompts to Further Embody Your Design
  • Slides for each lecture for you to download

Human Design Type and Strategy

A transformative course designed to guide you in unraveling the mysteries of your unique Human Design type & strategy. Your Human Design type and strategy are the fundamental aspects of your energetic blueprint, offering profound insights into your authentic self, how you interact with the world, and your potential for growth and fulfillment.

Human Design Authority

Welcome to an empowering and comprehensive course focused on helping you understand and harness your unique Human Design authority. Your authority is a powerful guiding force within you, aiding in making aligned decisions that resonate with your true self and life purpose.

Human Design Profiles

In this course, you will unravel the mysteries of your Human Design Profile, empowering you to fully understand and embrace your authentic self. Through in-depth exploration, practical exercises, and personalized guidance, you'll uncover the nuances of your Profile and integrate this knowledge to live a purpose-driven life in alignment with your true essence.

Manifest By Design

An immersive and transformative course that combines the wisdom of Human Design with the art of manifestation. This course is designed to guide you in understanding and utilizing your unique Human Design to manifest your dreams and potential with purpose and precision.

Human Design and Astrology Readings

Unlock the mysteries of your unique cosmic blueprint with our Human Design and Astrology Readings. Dive deep into the intricate details of your astrological chart and discover the power of Human Design to understand your authentic self. You will be guided through personalized readings, offering insights into your strengths, challenges, and life purpose. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, these readings provides valuable tools to navigate life's complexities with confidence and clarity. Join us and embark on a transformative journey to align with your true potential.

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